He’s that one kid in class

Every teacher, and anyone who’s ever attended grade school, knows who I’m talking about.

There was always that one kid in the class. The kid with the unpredictable behavior. The one that made everyone operate with a low grade, constant level of stress. Before long, it became the new normal. You didn’t even realize it until the first day that one kid was absent. 

On that day, everyone was lighter on their feet. The noise level in the room dropped. People actually got stuff done because the atmosphere in the room wasn’t ruled by that one kid. You realized you kind of liked being there. 

Then that one kid was always back the next day. The tension in the room rose when he entered as everyone’s guard went back up, because you never knew what that one kid was going to do next. Except every once in a while, he’d be a decent person for a few minutes. You’d think, ok, maybe he’s getting it; things are going to get better. And then that one kid would suddenly throw a tantrum or hit someone or steal your pencils. You’d feel emotionally taken advantage of, angry that you let your guard down. 

You’d spend some time wishing that one kid‘s parents would move to a different town, or at least get sent to the principal’s office for a while. But eventually, you realized the depressing truth: We’re stuck with that one kid for the rest of the year. Every day, you and your classmates counted the seconds until the last bell rang and you could escape it all, ignoring the fact that you’d be doing it all over again the next day.

I’ve never wished I lived in another country, but right now, I do. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be trapped in Donald Trump’s shit show. Every day, I grit my teeth and wonder, What will he do today? and It’s only been one week – how the hell will we survive FOUR YEARS? Actually… maybe I need to thank that one kid. After all, he taught me that eventually, the school year comes to an end. 

Since I feel such a gross disconnection from my fellow Americans at this time, I’ve decided to consider my blue state to be my home country. It is a beautiful place, and we care about things like climate change and not being an asshole. Our governor doesn’t having a problem mocking Trump’s wall and voicing opposition to his un-American policies (because if you can’t beat him, you can at least make fun of him).

One day, Donald Trump won’t be president anymore. Until then, you can find me in the corner of the classroom, head down and going about my work, counting the seconds until that final bell rings.